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Counseling Servics of Michelle Adler

"Better Mental Health Through Compassion and Kindness"

(814) 636-3815

3336 Buffalo Road

Erie, Pennsylvania 16510

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Welcome! I’m excited for this new beginning!! You can schedule online, pay any co-pays or fees, cancel, and/or send me a message. To make a profile for new appointment and have not gotten an invitation from me click on the mental health therapist under provider. A screen with more information will appear and have a button to click for being a new client or an existing client.  You have to create a profile and make a password.  Do not forget that it will send you an invite code and you click on it to be connected.  To be able to participate in tele-health you will need to download the Jituzu App to your phone, tablet/iPad, or computer. For your computer or tablet/iPad you need to have the lasted Chrome or Firebox browser.  If you have any problems or need help please contact me. 

Please check out Counseling Services of Michelle Adler on Facebook and Instagram, and Profile on Psychology Today :-) 

I’m sorry to report that I am unable to take any new folks at this time 

Directions and Location

I am am the North side of street in a red building. There are several doors and two next to each other. My door has a sign on it that for Counseling Services of Michelle Adler. There is parking on the street, on the side of the building and a space in the back with a sign to provide direction.