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Julie B Gowen, PLLC
Empowering people to find and build their inner strength!

(210) 219-4991

16607 Blanco Road

Suite 904

San Antonio, TX 78232

Welcome to your "pilgrimage!"

A pilgrimage is a ritual journey with a hallowed purpose.  Every step along the way has meaning.  The pilgrim knows that life-giving challenges will emerge.  A pilgrimage is not a vacation; it is a transformational journey during which significant change takes place.  New insights are given.  Deeper understanding is attained.  New and old places in the heart are visited.  Blessings are received and healing takes place.  On return from the pilgrimage, life is seen with different eyes.  Nothing will ever be quite the same again.

                                            Macrina Wiederkehr,
                                            Behold Your Life, p. 11

Directions and Location

Directions to the office of San Antonio Counseling
Halfway between Bitters and 1604 on Blanco Road
Look for the brown "The Park" sign
Follow the directions to building #9, Suite 904