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Monica Douglas Davis

CARES Counseling

We do all we can because we care!

(404) 578-7629

4250 Highway 78


Lilburn, GA 30047

Monica Douglas Davis

As a former educator of eleven years and a counselor for over 14 years, my passion is to help children become the best they can. I love working with parents to equip them with a toolbox of options they can use to raise their children.

I also am a wife and mother of three children, including twins. I understand the challenges of having multiple children.

 I also work with adults to help them achieve peace in their lives.

I practice from a cognitive behavior theoretic perspective, which focuses on mind and behavior connections and positive thought processes.  I also used solution-focused therapy to achieve objectives in a short time period when the work is done.

My faith motivates everything I do. I believe we all have God given gifts and talents we should use to make the world better. I try to help clients have peace in their lives and with others , whenever it is possible.

You set the goal and we work to accomplish it.

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